I stumbled into this little darling coffee shop, Lorca, one day after a quick visit to Greenwich CT and I was immediately obsessed with it.  Two words: coffee + churros.   Naturally, I took a few pictures for instagram and of course, I ordered a skim milk latte (latte art was beautiful and instagram worthy by the way), a mushroom and goat cheese sandwich, and I couldn't leave without ordering the churros!!  Wes, their barrista that day, highly recommended them, you guys, they were SO damn good..  He suggested I order them with a side of dark chocolate and I believe caramel dipping sauces; they did not disappoint.  I seriously can't wait to go back, it looks like they have even more pastries and how can we just not go back for the churros?? If you are ever in Stamford, CT, do yourself a favor and visit this spot and don’t leave without ordering the churros!

125 Bedford Street
Stamford, CT 06901