Thankful for: My Mother

My MOM passed away more than two years ago from ALS; it was the most painful thing I've ever had to go through in life. As hard as it was to watch her ALS progress, I'm thankful that at least she was there with me when I married my husband in August of 2012, in Garrison NY, and was able to share that beautiful day with me, my family and friends.  Although she wasn't able to speak at the wedding (by then ALS had totally paralyzed her speaking and eating abilities), her LOVE and presence was FELT by everyone who attended the wedding.  TO this day, people tell me our wedding was one of the most LOVING weddings they have ever been to.  She was on the DANCE floor for most of the night, yup, that was her, always full of LIFE.  My mom loved us more than anything in life and sacrificed plenty for us (my brother, my sister and I).  Although I miss my mom everyday, her spirit and LOVE are always with me.  Her determination, perseverance, big heart and resilience allowed her to get through all of the tough times she had in her life.  She helped make me the woman I am today; BAD ASS, a DOER, NEVER a quitter, STRONG, INDEPENDENT, jack of all trade, PASSIONATE and with a BIG heart.  This blog I am creating, after years of procrastination, in part, I owe to her, I know she'll always be proud of me for always doing what I want, regardless of what anyone thinks.  I MISS her dearly but I'm forever THANKFUL for her. xo