Blog Launch!

SO you guys, after months and months of procrastination, I'm finally launching my new BLOG today, yay!  So DAMN proud of myself you guys, this BLOG thing is NOT as easy as it looks!!.  

Note to self, really need to get my TRAVEL section organized so I can post stuff there, I have over 7k pictures on my iPhone of all of my travels over the past 2 years, crazy!  So, as much as I wanted the BLOG launch to have everything posted already, I realized that, you know what, life is NOT perfect, I'll get to the rest of the posts in little by little.  For now, thank you for checking out my BLOG, for all the love and encouragement that you give me, and if you are following me on Instagram, thank you for all the likes and comments (always appreciated).  I hope you follow along my blogging adventures and feel free to drop me a line or comment here anytime (or if you just wanna grab coffee, that's fine too:). Here is to #gettingshitdone and #happyfriday! xo