Marissa Webb killin' it at #mwsohostore

The Marissa Webb store is absolutely an Instagram dream, plus everything in there is a MUST have in your closet.  Katy, the sales associate, was the sweetest, not pretentious at ALL and didn't mind chatting (I was on a major caffeine high) with me for well over half an hour.  The interior design skills here are definitely GOALS.  The vibe is contagious; think chic, minimal but edgy, sexy, badass, strong, confident, woman boss.  Gigantic floor to ceiling windows brighten this store with the most beautiful light you've seen.  The fitting rooms all have floor rugs with darling sayings like "hey you sweet thing", um, yes please. Trust me, this store is SO chic with interior design skills ON point.  I was totally obsessed and felt like I wanted to live there, like everyday, and work there too, I would work there for free, or maybe just do their coffee runs, no, really.

Of course I fell in love with the Raina Tassel Lace-Up heels in Nude; can we get a "hell yeah"?.  Valentine's Day is around the corner and this is THE need to have item on my list, period.  That and good food and cocktails. AND the olive green collection at Marissa Webb and all the heels in ALL colors, AND the Kayla Stripe Anorak.  You feeling me yet??  SO, do yourself a favor and check out the store, fall in love, be inspired then DO what you must to get your hands on a pair of her heels (which by the way are SUPER comfortable) and one of her killer outfits (this could mean starving for a few days or maybe not drinking coffee for a month or two, I'm totally ok with that).  

Hey, no one said life is easy, BOOM!

104 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013