It’s never too late to do what you love.
— Johanna

Life is short, really.  This website was meant to be part of my creative outlet.  You'll most likely find me on Instagram creating content and curating my feed ALL day EVERY day.  I don't take bullshit from anyone, I tell my daughter to do the same everyday, and I try to live in the moment.  Oh, AND I take a freaking ton of pictures while trying to live in the moment, yes, I'm that girl.

xo happy vibes from me to you!  


You will probably find me wandering the streets of NYC or NJ, eating, wandering, taking pictures, trying out new restaurants/bars/hotels, etc. I'm a foodie, I have a big heart and I love to overtip.  My dream job would be to travel the world, try different hotels, take tons of pictures, eat/drink my way through each place I visit and blog about it (and get paid for it!!).